About Us

Coffee and tea are thousands-year-old traditions. While we too enjoy the ritual of pulling a shot or foaming up milk for a latte, we wanted to create a new way to enjoy the delicious flavors of our favorite beverages—and the energy they give us.

On a two-month trip to South America, we immersed ourselves in the trade, learning everything we could about what makes quality coffee. There we also saw how climate change has affected the growers’ livelihood. We realized the first part of making a great bar of coffee is making sure we do right by the people at the beginning of the supply chain.

We like to do things the right way, and quality and authenticity are at the core of everything we produce. That philosophy holds true for our tea-flavored bars, which we also make with real ingredients.

Bars are just better. A COBA bar is a perfectly dosed hit of caffeine that doesn’t make you jittery. They’re also convenient and create less impact on the environment than disposable cups. Bite into one wherever and wherever you need a little boost to enjoy your day. 

—The Coba Team