"I had the incredible opportunity to work with the COBA team to curate a new flavor of their coffee concentrate: the Vanilla Brew.

This amazing product allows you to make a delicious Vanilla Latte in less than 10 seconds! I highly recommend trying it with oat milk and a shot of Vanilla Brew, but it tastes great with just hot water as well."

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Ready, Set, COBA

Humans dunk ground coffee in water and calling that "coffee," but that's just coffee soup. COBA is coffee made into a chocolate. Our bars digest slower than coffee soup because they're brewed in cocoa butter.

Rethink coffee.
COBA, easy and there when you need it

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"We all agreed they tasted fantastic. Even before the first bite, we could smell the rich aroma of the coffee roast. The bars had both the sweetness of a chocolate bar and the bitterness of fresh black coffee, and the bar melted nicely in our mouths."

- Spoon University

"COBA is something that I would happily stash inside my desk at work or in a backpack, so I can get a quick boost during times like when I’m out on a hike or simply don’t have time to make a coffee run."

- Gizmodo

"Eating one bar will give you the same boost as a cup of joe."

- NowThis


The rocket inside the bean logo is symbolic of the innovation and depth we thought about the future of coffee. COBA symbolizes the harmony between the food and the future in our logo design. We strive to be intuitive, innovative, and easy to understand. With each step, COBA tries to add value to customers’ lives. The COBA bar offers a tasty and enjoyable, but most importantly, thoughtful, treat. Our bars taste like espresso dripped into a chocolate bar and it’s the perfect fit for business travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone on the move. It’s also perfect to enjoy after lunch, to avoid post-lunch sleepiness, or to stay up late into the night. COBA uses the highest quality coffee (organic, Arabica, non-GMO, fair trade coffee – the basics).

COBA’s coffee bar size is designed to be finished in one sitting and not fold back into your pocket, where it might melt. Its sugar and coffee content is perfectly dosed so you don’t feel intimidated by the caffeine content no matter the time of day.