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Get 2 COBA Bars

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Try two free COBA bars! We know it's hard to commit before tasting, so this option was made for you to try COBA with no commitment. Limited to the first 100 customers. It's like having two cups of espresso delivered to you! No more afternoon slumps, no more jitters, and no more lines/spills/inconveniences.

COBA, the original coffee chocolate bar - smooth like milk chocolate, but made with fair trade organic arabica coffee. Over 300,000 bars enjoyed worldwide. 

Only one order per person/address permitted. 


White Chocolate, Fair Trade / Non-GMO / Organic Arabica Coffee

How to use

1. Unwrap
2. Take a Bite


Shipping is expected to take 4-5 business days.

Return policy

If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied, we will replace or refund your order. We will make it right. Simply email us or reach us through the contact page.