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COBA, The Coffee Bar

#COBATeam6AM Pack - Choose Your Flavor


#COBATeam6AM is for the early bird who takes pride in waking up early to get SH*T done. Each order comes with a custom #Team6AM sticker, pen, and COBA in a slick, magnetic box you can take anywhere. Choose your flavor in the dropdown!

2 week supply gives a total of 10 bars (5 of each for the sampler)

4 week supply gives a total of 20 bars (10 of each for the sampler)

 Each COBA is equipped with energy equivalent with a cup of coffee so you can do more with your time. Enjoy coffee anytime, anywhere with COBA.

COBA Milk, the original milk coffee bar - smooth like milk chocolate, made with coffee.

COBA Black is our vegan coffee bar reimagined with activated charcoal. One bar is equivalent to one cup of coffee, giving you a convenient form of energy on the go.

#COBATeam6AM Pack - Choose Your Flavor