• Are you trying to replace coffee?

Absolutely not! We are a team of coffee lovers who wanted a more convenient, consistent, and affordable alternative when we are low on time and/or money.

  • How long does COBA last?

COBA has a one-year shelf life. Not bad, huh?

  • Wait, so there’s no chocolate in this?

Nope! Our team in 2016 studied how chocolate was made from cacao and used a similar process to make COBA with coffee. Unlike other caffeinated chocolate bars that call themselves “coffee,” COBA literally lets you eat coffee.

  • What kind of coffee do you use for COBA?

We use coffee from two small batch farmers, Julio and Juan, from the Pinchicha Province in Peru. Learn more about our relationship with Julio and Juan here.

  • How do I become a partner, distributor, or retailer for COBA?

We provide wholesale pricing for select partners including retailers, distributors, offices, and more. Email us at taikimaeda@berkeley.edu to connect with us and discuss how we can work together.

  • Do you sell in bulk (wholesale)?

We do offer wholesale options on a case-by-case basis. If you’re interested in ordering COBA in bulk, please send the requested order amount and additional details to taikimaeda@berkeley.edu

  • Do you offer dairy-free options?

Thanks for asking! We’re currently working on a dairy-free version of the product to accommodate those with dietary restrictions. Sign up for our email list to receive updates about new products and news!

  • What days do you ship?

Given that COBA is subject to melting during transit, we have to ship them with ice packs. Given that extra step, we’re only able to ship on Mondays and Tuesdays. Sorry for the inconvenience!