COBA founders Peter and Doug were just high schoolers when they started their own coffee company in 2012, supplying coffee beans to local cafes and school districts. In an effort to source the best coffee beans, they traveled to Peru to establish relationships with local coffee farmers. Ironically, while they were on this search for coffee, they weren’t able to actually sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, as they were constantly on the go. How could they remedy this?

 One night, while drinking hot chocolate at a coffee shop, Doug had an epiphany. He was drinking chocolate, so why couldn’t he eat coffee? He spent nights on end trying to marry the properties of two things he loved - coffee and chocolate. And so, he began his own little science experiment in his apartment kitchen.

 Two years. 172 iterations. At last, Doug had figured it out. Just as chocolate could be a drink, so could coffee be a bar.

 This coffee bar quickly became an everyday staple. They ate it while traveling, during long drives, and while working late at night. Soon, others took interest. Peter and Doug realized that this coffee bar could be something bigger. They brought Josh on as a co-founder and enlisted the help of a group of friends to turn their little science experiment into a start-up.


And so, COBA was born.